Big Star Quilt Pattern

Big Star Quilt Pattern

Are you ready to create your quilt with a Free Star pattern? It can be made using squares and triangles of contrasting colors. The patchwork will have a star print that can match any decor, depending on the choice of fabric. You can use your imagination to choose the best colors and the perfect combination. An eight-pointed star made of fabric is best built if you use colors that are quite different from one another. A plethora of stars can be combined to make a beautiful quilt for your bed or for a lovely gift.

In this video you will learn how to step-by-step and detail the patchwork of Free Great Star Pattern Quilt, following the tutorial, the largest patchwork expert Of Big Star Patchwork Pattern. In the video, you will see several tips on how to position and use the ruler, cut the fabric, assemble and sew the block in an easy and simple way. You’ll finally discover the secrets to creating perfect stars in this video, which will surely make you become professional with very little time!

When I began to sew these little strips to make a pattern of large free star quilt, I still had not decided clearly what Star Patterns would do. But it would be useful for assembling patchwork blocks for the Family project. At the top, they will be in 3 sizes: 12, 8 and 4.

➜ Free Star Quilt Pattern Instructions
① On the card, draw two 5cm squares and one 10cm square using the pencil and ruler. Then cut the molds with the scissors.

② Place one of the 5 cm molds on the light colored fabric. Contour it with the pen for fabric and finish, adding 6 mm to the seam on each side. Redo the process to get four squares of light color.

⓷ Cut a 3-inch (3-inch) template in half and diagonally, creating two triangles, cut eight pieces of dark color and eight more of a light color. Remember that each one also needs 6mm of seam allowance .

④ Join a triangle of light and a dark one to form a square. Once this is done, repeat the process until you have eight multicolored squares. Referring to Fig.

⑤ Using the 10 cm model, cut a square on lightweight fabric. Remember that you need a margin of 6 mm for sewing.

⑥ Place the 10 cm square on a table. Next, take the four 5cm light squares and place them on each side. Complete the lower, upper and side sections of the star with light and dark triangles to create your eight pointed ends.

⓻ Using the reserved 6mm, sew all the pieces together and you will see the work taking shape.

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