Geese Migration Quilt Pattern

Geese Migration Quilt Pattern

I’m sorry to try you today with these beauties. One of the things I love most is to see a quilt that was made using one of my patterns. It is very gratifying to see how different each quilt looks like. Recently, some of these quilts were shared with me, so I thought I’d post them here so you could see them too! I know that once you see all of the beautiful examples, you’ll want to put that on your to-do list.

Back to Beginner quilting, this exceptional quilt incorporates stories, letters, advice and tips to help each quilter develop technique that they can be in love This is called Migration because of the way the geese fly back and forth through the quilt. I suppose if they were actually migrating, they would all be moving in the same direction. But these are my geese, so it’s reasonable to assume they’re lost, driving in circles and arguing with GPS …

Geese Migration Quilt Pattern

Geese Migration Quilt is more fun than housework, and features flying geese and patches. It’s an easy-to-make quilt and it’s visually stunning; It’s the coverlet quilt! The design is a great choice for beginners and experienced quilters. Geese migration boards are beautiful to look at, to have and to make. In past generations, quilt was one of the first things many young women learned to do. Getting started is really simple and you will develop your creative skill every time you finish the quilt. Geese Migrationmemorial quilts are great gifts. She will look great on a sofa and will always remember happy moments. With a little time and energy available, you can create it.


Join pieces of fabric. It could be other sewing projects, old dresses or fabric donated by friends or relatives. Save them for your patchwork quilt. Depending on your taste, the fabrics can be single-sized or even-sized in various sizes and shapes. Think about how the pieces will look alike. Try to have at least 6 different impressions.


Find a drawing. Search the Internet (Google Books is a good place to start) and offer design books that fit your interests or create your own template, deciding how you want your quilt displayed. Quilt design uses small pieces of fabric to create a collage appearance for a design template. The pieces are generally smaller than 5 cm² and can be much larger, depending on the design chosen.

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Geese Migration Quilt Pattern



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