I’m making as many amigurumi Australian animals as I can to sell, 95% of profits go to Australian Wildfire Fund. The remaining funds go to supplies to make more.



These are the animals I’ll be offering! (Not all the exact colors, these are all pattern images)

From left to right- Platypus, Kookaburra, Kangaroo, Tasmanian Devil, Wombat, Koala

Each animal will be $27.00, which will cover US shipping as well.

This is the organization the profits are going to:


I’m already started on a koala that will be going UFS-


If anyone is interested in ordering/buying any, please respond either here or on my DA account-


I’ll be posting the animals there as well once they’re finished.

Please only send money once I’ve confirmed the commission.

**PAYPAL**: [paypal.me/BlakkFox](http://paypal.me/BlakkFox)


Thanks everyone! Let’s help as much as we can!

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